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Dulceatte Agave Nectar is a premium organic low fructose sweetener, extracted from the Blue Agave Tequilana plant. It is an excellent sugar substitute, ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy sweet flavors in a healthy way.

Dulceatte Agave Nectar contains traces of Inulin (pre-biotic soluble fiber) that improves the digestive system and it has a Low Glycemic Index.   It is adequate for consumption for people affected by diabetes type 2 and obesity problems.


  • It contains traces of Inulin (pre-biotic soluble fiber), which stimulates the growth of the intestinal flora.
  • It is suitable for people affected by diabetes type 2, due to its low glycemic index (slow blood absorption).
  • It is optimal for a weight control diet, thanks to its low calorie content.
  • It is easily metabolized by the human organism.
  • It does not induce dental caries.
  • It is recommendable for pregnant women and babies.
  • It improves the gastrointestinal motility.

Advantages of Dulceatte Agave Nectar over other natural or artificial sweetners:

  • Agave nectar is subjectively perceived by the consumer to be 1.4 times stronger in its sweetening effect than regular sugar.
  • It is high solubility makes it easy to mix with food and beverages at any temperature without crystallizing.
  • It offers a neutral flavor and enhances the natural taste of the ingredients it is combined with.
  • Fructose content: 90% to 96%.


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